Monday, March 30, 2009

Victoria Trip-Day-2

We rolled out and headed to DC. After we checked out the jump and warmed up the boys started killing it. Watching Aggy ride is impressive, not to mention when hes nursing a recently broken collar bone. He was boosting so high on his cans and buzzing the branches. He took a few little cedar bows back down to ground level with him.
Jarrett Moore
After a solid sesh we packed up and cruised over to the jumps. We had a awesome sesh everyone was flowing. Howey busted some nice 3's, Kona John was tabling and i finally got my cans back.


winkgrant said...

your photos are legit.
come back

Curtis said...

need to save some money first! you will have to come here one day too! ya whatttt I went there!