Monday, March 9, 2009

Black Tower - White Snakes

This morning i woke up to a disappointing site. All around was blanketed with snow, my truck was stuck and i wasnt going any where. Curty and Kyle got the day off work, so we decided to try and get up the mountian. Kyle dusted all the snow off his truck and we loaded up, and headed to the power lines to meet Curty. After getting nice and slide ways on our way up the hill we pulled over and dropped into Black Tower for the second day in a row.


When we were just wrapping up this shots on the above corner, Easton Smith showed up and layed down one of the best drifts of the day. After that we moved on down the trail and shot a nice long and low jump. Curty and Kyle got nice and steezy, but then they decided to add a bit of white content when it was my turn.