Sunday, March 29, 2009

College Cyclery compound Demo!

Yesterday was a blast, There was a side walk sale in front of College Cyclery then after the sale we held a Dirt Demo out at the College Cylclery Compound. This demo was kind of a teaser for the CCC, eventually the compound will be hosting jump and pump clinics and ride days. It was a great turn out and so much fun in the sun. Joey Washburn was there snapping stills, check out his site there are some steezy shots in there. heres a sneak peek

Glodmans first official day on the bike... in moccasins hahahah what a bad ass.

Thanks again to the Cox family because with out them, cool shit like this would not be happening in this area.
yeah dude!!!!

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Curtis said...

Awesome! The Cox family is one of a kind thats for sure! You guys rule. hot downsides kyle!