Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So I went Down to Aptos about 2 weeks ago thinking I was only going to be down there for like 2 nights, but of course plans changed at the last minute. R-dog and I decided that this past weekend was a perfect weekend for an RV adventure. So we called up Jim (steeze greese) thrap and Jay- COB because we knew they would be super down.
We didn't have any plans of course So we Called up Carter Holland (blk market) to let him know we were shredding down his way. He ended up being our awesome SoCal tour guide along with Taylor and Kyle. We rode some amazing trails thanks to our loc tour guides. Carter was snapping some pictures along the way, so check out his site http://www.blackmarketbikes.com/. We brought R-dogs video camera with us so stay tuned for a SoCal edit. A revs wiping it up right now.

Epic sunset at Pismo Beach.

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