Monday, March 30, 2009

Victoria Trip-Day-2

We rolled out and headed to DC. After we checked out the jump and warmed up the boys started killing it. Watching Aggy ride is impressive, not to mention when hes nursing a recently broken collar bone. He was boosting so high on his cans and buzzing the branches. He took a few little cedar bows back down to ground level with him.
Jarrett Moore
After a solid sesh we packed up and cruised over to the jumps. We had a awesome sesh everyone was flowing. Howey busted some nice 3's, Kona John was tabling and i finally got my cans back.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

College Cyclery compound Demo!

Yesterday was a blast, There was a side walk sale in front of College Cyclery then after the sale we held a Dirt Demo out at the College Cylclery Compound. This demo was kind of a teaser for the CCC, eventually the compound will be hosting jump and pump clinics and ride days. It was a great turn out and so much fun in the sun. Joey Washburn was there snapping stills, check out his site there are some steezy shots in there. heres a sneak peek

Glodmans first official day on the bike... in moccasins hahahah what a bad ass.

Thanks again to the Cox family because with out them, cool shit like this would not be happening in this area.
yeah dude!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Invert x 4

The same trick but all different styles.

Jarrett, Me, Shrew and Aggy

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunny day at the Compound

whats up!
A couple days ago, one of Randys friends came out to the College cyclery Compund trails  with his camera and got some sick shots. Randys homies name is Joey Washburn, this was his first time shooting dirt jumping so next time they will be even sicker...... check his site out for more pics
heres some of his shots that i liked the most :)
This Saturday at College Cyclery  there is a sweet customer appreciation side walk sale, and after there will be a demo at the CCC.... so show up and leave happy :) check out for all the info 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Victoria Trip-Day 1

Last Friday Curtis, Norbz and I headed over to Victoria for the weekend to ride with the boys. We were lucky enough to have Shrew and and Jarrett to show us around and house us! Jarrett has the sickest dog named Koda. On Saturday we woke up and headed out to the mountains with our down hill bikes. We were having way to much fun to shoot photos out there, but the trails were dank! After lunch we headed to the jumps and met up with a few more bros.

Aggy was one of them. He is just recovering from a broken collar bone but it doesnt seem to be slowing him down very much.

Shrew Spinnin.

Day one was sick, look out for the day 2 shots soon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Got Me Stoked

All Out Productions always seems to have the sickest teasers. Check out teaser 2 for their newest film Days Of Dirt.

Days of Dirt Trailer #2 from allout productions on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So I went Down to Aptos about 2 weeks ago thinking I was only going to be down there for like 2 nights, but of course plans changed at the last minute. R-dog and I decided that this past weekend was a perfect weekend for an RV adventure. So we called up Jim (steeze greese) thrap and Jay- COB because we knew they would be super down.
We didn't have any plans of course So we Called up Carter Holland (blk market) to let him know we were shredding down his way. He ended up being our awesome SoCal tour guide along with Taylor and Kyle. We rode some amazing trails thanks to our loc tour guides. Carter was snapping some pictures along the way, so check out his site We brought R-dogs video camera with us so stay tuned for a SoCal edit. A revs wiping it up right now.

Epic sunset at Pismo Beach.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Snow is Gone

Sorry for the flash abuse, but you cant see the rest of this line untill Kranked 8 is out. Heres a shot of me hitting a nice long and low on the downhill bike.

This one gives you a idea of the scale.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Black Tower - White Snakes

This morning i woke up to a disappointing site. All around was blanketed with snow, my truck was stuck and i wasnt going any where. Curty and Kyle got the day off work, so we decided to try and get up the mountian. Kyle dusted all the snow off his truck and we loaded up, and headed to the power lines to meet Curty. After getting nice and slide ways on our way up the hill we pulled over and dropped into Black Tower for the second day in a row.


When we were just wrapping up this shots on the above corner, Easton Smith showed up and layed down one of the best drifts of the day. After that we moved on down the trail and shot a nice long and low jump. Curty and Kyle got nice and steezy, but then they decided to add a bit of white content when it was my turn.

Black Tower - Brown Snakes

Yesterday it actually felt like spring and we all got out on the trails for some fresh time shredding. The dirt was soo perfect, you were either hookin up or drifting, whatever you wanted. We definately dusted up a few corners. Nicolas Teichrob came out to shoot some photos. Hopefully we can see those in print somewhere sometime soon, haha. For now here is some snipes from Dyl's lens....


Dan Toumine...

Easton Smith...


Sunday, March 1, 2009


Battling for the corner.

Snoop trucked it too.

fresh fresh.

So I've been recovering from a bummed shoulder for the past 2 weeks. So I thought I would post up a picture of my new helmet and goggles since I can't ride.
Protect your head kids!