Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunny day at the Compound

whats up!
A couple days ago, one of Randys friends came out to the College cyclery Compund trails  with his camera and got some sick shots. Randys homies name is Joey Washburn, this was his first time shooting dirt jumping so next time they will be even sicker...... check his site out for more pics
heres some of his shots that i liked the most :)
This Saturday at College Cyclery  there is a sweet customer appreciation side walk sale, and after there will be a demo at the CCC.... so show up and leave happy :) check out for all the info 


Curtis said...

I wish we had that kind of weather up here in Canada!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I was downhilling all last week and today is a powder day up on the hill. I was ready to ride the bike and put the snowboard away.

Nice pics Kyle. You liking the new bike?