Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Summer to Fall

So summer was super sick, spent alot of time up in Whistler with my homies. Crankworx blew my mind and im sure we all agree Brandon rode first place runs every time he dropped in. Anyone recognize this shot?
We've spent alot of time building over the summer too. We documented the building of a few of our features for extras and webvids so look forward to that!
After we finished building and before we started filming we took a quick trip up to PG, my dirty homeland. We shralped it up for a couple days with big poppin Pinner then hit the road back to the real world. Oh and we had a sick bonfire that we all got down with for Oct 31 and Howey snapped himself right off. So funny.
And here's a good way of checkin out the dirt your landing on.

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