Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Summer plans?

Here's a little idea for a sweet Christmas/birthday combo present or better reason to expand your paper route...Summer Gravity Camps. The week long camps are for all skill levels and the solid cast of coaches gaurantee that you'll become more confident on a bike than you ever thought possible. Its a mix of new friends, the bike park, fun coaches and new experiences that make this camp the best! Check it out!

If any of you have ever watched Sam Pilgrim ride then you'll be stoked that he has a super rad seggy comin together for the film. Sam is unreal to watch ride, hes one of those guys who warms up doin tailwhips and 3's...and he is hilarious.

And Claw is the man...


Vincent Boucher. said...

Hey PG! It's frenchie, from SGC.
It was a total blast with you this summer. And next year I'm defenatly comming back! You are the main reason. Maybe I'm gonna have more picture of my GF hahahaha!

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