Sunday, August 7, 2011

From The Inside Out - The PG Train Gap

For Kyle this has been almost a decade in the making, something that was conceived long before The Coastal Crew and 2nd BASE. We had the opourtunity to finally make it happen this year. Watch the video below and read the full article HERE.

From The Inside Out - The PG Train Gap from SecondBase Films on Vimeo.


Se7eN-78920 said...

what's song please ?

nils said...

Hey Norby nice jump, I'm pretty tight for the full Movie.
Do your Work as always. Perfect.
Coastal Crew, your the best!
I wish you all the Best for the Future.
Ride on.

Krzysiek said...

Great Job as always! Props for the courage. Norbz kill all the time.

Melinda said...

Killer riding! Saw this movie last night at the Hodown in Moab. Is there a track listing with your movie? I loved the music!

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