Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Time Voltage

This year has been busy; we have committed to producing a full film called From the Inside Out. Recently we finally had a bit of time off so we took the time to show how we ride at home. We have a lot of variety in our trails. Riding the Scott Voltage FR allows us to go out and ride what ever we want, all on the same frame set!


Anonymous said...

What`s the song called?

Anonymous said...

song is called:
Santogold ▲ Say Aha TEPR Remix

Anonymous said...

What cameras do you use?

csaby said...

hey guys!
in every year the crew gets better.the jumps are bigger the tracks are faster and the shots are awesome!you have more sponsors than last year...congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Greenlight for one full length film and Dylan is already dressing like a gigolo!

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