Thursday, June 23, 2011

From the Inside Out - Stevie Smith Teaser

Filming for our first film 'Inside Out' has begun. We were stoked to have Stevie Smith clear his schedule to work with us before he headed back to the races. Curt, Dyl, Norbz and photographer Nic Teichrob packed up the gear and hit the ferries to Vancouver Island.

Sunny weather made for a few slow starts but as soon as the clouds rolled in we were able to kill it. Stevie blew our minds as he crushed every section of trail he took us to. We were nervous running the cable cam at such high speeds to keep up with him. He's an insanely powerful rider and it really came across in the shots. There was one drift corner he rode so fast that he looks like he is sliding on ice.

Working with Stevie is a dream; he is on point, prepared, efficient and works hard for the camera. He knows the processes of filming and what it takes to keep things rolling smoothly.

Looking forward to working more with Stevie in the future and best of luck to him at the rest of the World Cups this season! Also it is sick to see him back on the Blackbox racing side of the program! We wrapped up the shoot and hit the ferries home, as Stevie headed to the US open, and ended up finishing second!

‘Inside Out’ is set to be released Fall 2011 on DVD, BluRay and digital download. Keep up to date with our travels and progress throughout the season by following us on Facebook, Twitter and PinkBike. Also watch for iconic still images from the film by Nicolas Teichrob and Sterling Lorence who will be on set with us for most shoots.

‘Inside Out’ is made possible by Mountain Biking BC, Rock Shox, Sombrio, Evoc, Chromag and SCOTT Sports. Additional support for the film is provided by Contour, Devinci and Specialized. The film will be produced by 2ndBase, a new joint film company formed by the Coastal Crew and Anthill Films.


Jenifer said...

I work with the CBC radio morning show out of Prince George. I understand the PG local, Kyle Norbraten was just in town doing some filming for From the Inside Out. I'm looking to connect with him for a possible interview about biking and his northern connection. If you can call me back that would be great. My number is 250-562-6701.

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