Monday, May 23, 2011

From The Inside Out - Full Film

The Coastal Crew has taken one large step into the world of film making by teaming up with Anthill Films to produce our first feature mountain bike film. By meshing our unique rider perspectives with Anthill’s long-time experience and success, we are excited to present ‘from the Inside Out’

From The Inside Out - First Look from SecondBase Films on Vimeo.

‘Inside Out’ will be the first film in a new annual series that will give an inside look at the influences and people that have shaped the Coastal Crew as riders, builders and cinematographers. The film will be a candid look into our vision of freeride mountain biking and the way it has inspired us. Through the film you will be brought along on our adventures as we visit the locations that we've always wanted to ride and create the lines that express our vision of the sport. This will be a film from the riders themselves to show what true freeride mountain biking is. Everyone has a dream, and we do what it takes to live ours.

Many films, riders and locations in the past 10 years have inspired us. Fortunately it turns out that some of those locations are in our own backyards, and many of those riders are now our friends. In addition to the Coastal Crew - Curtis Robinson, Dylan Dunkerton, Kyle Norbraten - the film will feature: Brandon Semenuk, Steve Smith, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter, Graham Agassiz, Mike Hopkins and Kenny Smith.

The riders from ‘Inside Out’ are going to bring you into the locations that fire them up to ride! We will explore the diverse, natural terrain of British Columbia to take on new zones that reek of high potential and to revisit iconic locations from the past. There are many lines that have been scouted over the past few years but have remained untapped until the time was right… and now that time has come. We will be sure to cover all bases, including: the Sunshine Coast, Powell River, Whistler, Shuswap, Fernie, Rossland, Squamish, Vancouver Island and Kamloops.

‘Inside Out’ is set to be released Fall 2011 on DVD, BluRay and digital download. Keep up to date with our travels and progress throughout the season by following us on Facebook, Twitter and PinkBike. Also watch for iconic still images from the film by Nicolas Teichrob and Sterling Lorence who will be on set with us for most shoots.

‘Inside Out’ is made possible by Mountain Biking BC, Rock Shox, Sombrio, Evoc, Chromag and SCOTT Sports. Additional support for the film is provided by Contour and Devinci. The film will be produced by 2ndBase, a new joint film company formed by the Coastal Crew and Anthill Films.


Justin said...

Love it guys, can't wait for the release!

The teaser makes the film look pretty epic and as it seems to be your style, it's a bit different from the 'average' mountain bike film. And that's a good thing, so keep up the good work and awesome riding!

nils said...

Guys, you are the best!
It's great that you've decided to make a film like this.
I love your work and your ridin' style.
I'm your biggest fan =)

Dan Webster said...

STOKED! What's the tune??

Krzysiek said...

You're the best threesome i've ever saw. I love your all vids. You are my inspiration for every aspect of riding on a bike. Don't loose your style. Can't wait for full movie. Greeting from Poland guys.

Anonymous said...


Duncan Paine said...

Pre-ordered from PinkBike - an extra $6 to get it sent to the UK but I bet it'll be worth it!

Russ said...

Love the footage, can't wait for the blu ray! Will any of the shops in the Comox Valley have it for purchase, or?

Unknown said...

What's the song please ?? :D

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