Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coastal Crew Lost Files - February Building

For many reasons not everything we shoot can be released rite when it is shot. We had the opportunity this season to assist in the making of Follow Me, which included shooting & building for the crew. As the release date got closer and closer the Anthill crew needed to wrap Brandon & Stevie’s segment, but needed some more features for the boys to ride.


Lucky for them we had just finished building some new lines, but we had also just finished shooting those lines. We had to make a choice, release the fresh webisode or let the crew move in and shoot our lines.


One thing led to another and we came to the decision that we would rather see Brandon & Stevie shred our fresh lines in the film than release the webisode immediately. After sitting on this edit for so long we can now release it for your enjoyment.




Carlos said...

hi guys.
The dirt you use to build the stuff is from the ground near the jumps or you bring it from other places?

Anonymous said...

hey guys,

just wondering if you have or will be doing a video on how you actually shoot this footage. you know some inside tips and explain some of these devices that we keep seeing in the photos.



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