Monday, June 1, 2009

ReJeKt Episode 1

Hey so check this out. Bjorn and i have been slaving away getting the film done, in the midst of it we have been compiling some of the B reel footage into our new webisode series "ReJeKt." Look out for weekly webisodes for the next month or so.

Episode 1 is day 1 of a shoot that the boss man sent us on. We had to wrap James Doerflings seggy so Kyle, Curtis and I headed up to Williams lake for the weekend to grab the rest of the shots. Check out the behind the scenes footage from our 3 day trip. Look out for Day 2 & 3 next week, there are more chute lines some scrubs and roosts coming your way. Subscribe to our chanel here.

ReJeKt -Episode1 from KRANKED/ReJeK+ on Vimeo.

Shot, directed and edited by the Coastal Crew.

To see the rest of the footage of James and more of the Coastal Crew be sure to check out Kranked Revolve.


Anonymous said...

what is the 2 and 3 song ?
the video is great

ghada said...