Saturday, December 27, 2008

christmas solo shred

I hope every one had an awesome christmas or honika, i did. I got a sweet mini snipes (digital camera) so now i can post a lot more pictures.
Anyway today I went on a sweet solo ride in Auburn CA, I grew up riding these trails and the last time I rode them was about 3 years ago. I am really lucky to have awesome girlfriend to shuttle my booty to the top :) so I was able to pump downhill till I couldn't hold on any longer.
These trails are awesome! They have everything you need to have, a fun afternoon on a bike. They have this one trail called Rocky, and it turned out to be a river bed. I was hoping that the name was an oxymoron because the first bit looked really smooth, but once I went around the first turn I was smashing rocks with my Lyric.
On our way out of Auburn we stoped at the local djs I used to ride. They were too wet to ride but it was sweet to see them semi maintained.
5 more days till I get to hangout with D block , Curtag, and How E Im super stoked. I get to be tour guide for once, they are coming to cali and we are going to shred. Tomorrow Im going to Aptos to shred and shoot with my homie lazzer, hes the sickest.
Till next time.


The Coastal Crew said...

Dude! Your bike is looking fucking sick!

Unknown said...

Yeah it is!

Norby said...

atta boy your on it!