Sunday, December 7, 2008


hey everyone :)
sorry its been awile
Im at home in Cali now. ive been here for about two weeks now and i have manage to eat a burrito a day, sometimes if im lucky I'll fit in two hahahaha.
Winter is here, and the way you can tell is you start to see alot of Canadians flying south for the winter.
The past week I have been building with Randy Spangler out in Sacremento, at terris house. terri has a shit load of land and randy gets to build a mega skills park on it. every thing from sweet dj trails to the in door out door pumptrack. Prety much terris house is like 15 min from my house and i try to get out there as much as i can, so when Curtis and HOW-E come we will have somthing to shred close to my house:)im going down to aptos tomorrow to shred with my homies tomorrow and Ill take some picsman i miss my coast crew and chillen in the burrito[Photo]
i found this pic on my moms comp... its my first trick[Photo]

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Curtis said...

we have less than a month man! I could so go for a burrito right now!!