Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mixed Feelings

Mixed Feelings - Coastal Crew from The Coastal Crew on Vimeo.
This is an on going unscheduled series showing the unfortunate side of building in BC’s forests - Logging.

Logging and forestry can be a love - hate relationship in our region. On one hand it’s unfortunate to see our massive forests be mowed down, but on the other hand the hundreds of years of logging have brought us access to so many parts of the mountains we ride around our home turf.


enzo cialdini said...

Hi I'm enzo cialdini I'm french, I love ride, british colombia and From the Inside Out. you are my favorite riders and I would like create mountain bikes movies.Do you have any advice for me? thx you

bmr-biker said...

Hi guys! Any new materials to come out soon? :) Cheers!

Speedware said...

Do you use the new EVOC Camera Pack or was it the Camera Block?
Nice Video!

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