Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nicolas Teichrob's Endless Creative Mind

Our good friend and photographer Nicolas Teichrob of Dendrite Studios has spent the last moth of his life going full speed producing what I believe to be his best work yet. Nic put this piece together for the Kootenay Mountain Culture / Arc'teryx Coldsmoke Powder Fest Multimedia Comp , and its no suprise that he took home the gold. Congrats Tek-Tonic!

ZERO DEGREES explores winter in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, and our relationship with the freezing level. Every winter it rains and snows at all elevations from sea level to mountain top peaks. People living on the coast learn to appreciate what the rains bring and make the most out of all conditions. We love it here.

Produced in its entirety in 26 days during February of 2011


Luis said...

Those are extremely inspirational and powerful images. Congratulations!

Lawrence said...

Some beautiful shots there Nicolas, really beautiful. However I must say that sea where your surfing looks freezing!!

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