Monday, May 10, 2010

Coastal Crew Ep.6 - Day In The Life Of Semenuk

This winter Brandon has been over on the coast hanging out with us quite a bit. We are all pretty similar so it has been great shredding coastal loam together. Brandon has worked really hard to be where he is today; he may make tricks look effortless, but that doesn’t come without many hours per day on the bike. Needless to say, some major sponsors, such as Red Bull, Trek, and SRAM have recognized this. Such support allows Brandon to have a few alternate personas away from the bike. We thought we would see how much fun could possibly be had with Brandon in one day.


Later that evening, we hopped on the ferry and drove up to Brandon's place. A cunning plan was devised for the following day with a tight schedule and a whole lot of fun. We woke up the next morning at 6am and wrestled with Brandon’s shifter cart to get it started. Once the engine fired up, Brandon broke loose on the suburban streets of Squamish, nearly waking an entire neighborhood. Hightailing it south along the ocean, we headed to the coast.


The ferry and Brandon’s rally car provided us with a new light-speed perspective on our travels. Back on the coast, we scoped some roads, shut down a couple of dead end logging roads, and Brandon unleashed the WRX. He has been driving his rally car a lot this winter and it shows.


A day is never complete with Brandon unless he gets some time on one of his bikes. He makes everything look so easy, but his style and consistency comes from many hours in the air and on the trail. As the day wound down the boy wonder wrapped trick after trick in the slow fading forest light. It was another great day on the West coast of B.C. with Brandon Semenuk.



Wyper said...

Sick boys, one of my favs so far... b kills it. love to watch him ride.. and as for the rallying, wow! i would not have wanted to be the passenger for that ride scary!

Matt_yeux said...

Why you don't make a big film in dvd ?? You're very awesome !! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeh nice point, you should make into a DVD

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