Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coastal Crew Ep.5 - Sea Otter

Sea Otter is a long trek for most people, especially for those who have to drive down. Fortunately for us, we had a big black diesel van to travel in. It actually felt like a motorhome with the amount of space inside. With the pedal down and the GPS guiding us, we rolled into Monterey, home of the Sea Otter Classic, 18 hours after our departure from Vancouver.


With constant media flowing on the web during the event we decided that Sea Otter needed to be shown in a different light. It’s about the journey, the crowd, the mechanics, the athletes, the race results and the true feeling of the event.


The event itself is like a big social gathering with a bunch of racing squeezed in between. It is always exciting to see all of the new products, all of the people in the industry and everyone’s new sponsors. With racing of all disciplines going on in all directions, it was hard to cover every event, but we worked at capturing a good variety.


This year the weather was on our side, so we soaked up the rays and enjoyed the beautiful California hills before heading home to the coast of B.C.


A big thanks goes out to Terry Cox and crew of College Cyclery for hooking us up with a great place to set up camp


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love all of your videos and writings, but the only thing i dont like are the 4-in-1 pictures, single photographs would be much better IMO
besides that, youre awsome!

cep nceh said...

great race... may i know the song of backsound the video... my email

ghada said...

ghada said...