Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Curtis : Knolly Trip

Check out this video of Curtis showing what he is truly made of.


pinner said...

no offence to that other homie but compared to curtis it looked like he was just learning how to ride a bike lol sorry buddy goooooo currrtisssss

Victor Garcia said...

This is just a pretty random question... do you guys do this as a full time job? Or do you guys have other means of income. Because if you live off Coastal Crew Productions alone, you truly are living a dream. And that makes me a jealous, jealous man!

Unknown said...

Whats the song?

Curtis said...

Full time job but we are in the hole for sure.....But we wouldn't trade it for anything.

Anonymous said...

mellow trails in north wales dont really compare with the flow and rhythm of these trails in US and Canada!
random question, but how did you get so friggin stylish?!

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