Monday, March 1, 2010

Coastal Crew Ep.3 - Dunes & Loam

Thanks to this rather lovely El Nino year, we have had one of the best winters any of us can remember. The days have been bright and mild. The rain has been falling in just the right amounts that the trails have stayed in near perfect condition.

Due to the fact that our local trails were in prime condition, we felt that it was the perfect time to showcase Curtis’ talent for smashing corners, romping at excessive speeds and making it all look way too easy. It’s hard not to love Curty’s style, it’s like a heat seeking missile, quietly stealthy on its path, picking the straightest line to its target and then boom! Goodbye berm/flat turn/loam rut etc.


After a day watching Curtis shred we decided we needed a change. An early morning ferry ride and a 5 hour drive landed us in another world. Our damp hero dirt was replaced with Mars-like space dust and our cedar forests with huge hoodoos. We brought everyone’s favorite ginger photographer Nicolas Tectonic Teichrob with us to capture the action in still form. Curtis took care of most of the filming. We found some really fun lines that day, some made even better by the fact that Dylan and Kyle could ride them side by side.


After lots of laughter and a load of great shots, we set up camp in the wilderness. The next morning we cruised back to our land of loam, shaking the dust out of our hair the whole way home.


Photos courtesy of Nicolas Teichrob.


Dan Webster said...

This just gets me itching to ride more and more!!!! Need my bike to get delivered...

Western Slopestyle said...

So money! You guys are killing it, could watch your stuff all day. You need a feature length vid. Keep it up!

Ty Schmidt said...

those were some fun looking turns turns curtis. Keep it up. guys. looking forward to the next one. would love to see a section on cutties

Luis said...

More, more, more... more vids like this! Greetings from Spain, man.