Thursday, July 23, 2009

MountainStyle & Good times

Dyl, Curt, Howey and myself just spent 2 weeks over in France riding bikes at the beginning of July. We werent the only Canadians in town, Steve Romaniuk, James Doerfling, Garrett Bueller, Kurt Sorge, Graham Agassiz, Boyko and the Claw were there the ride hard and bring the good times like no other. We had a few things planned for the trip and thanks to Ben Walker and Sebastien Giraldi, it all came together! Ben took a couple of us to Mount Tamaro in the Swiss Italian mountains for a few days where he had built a jump park for the resort. We did some filming for Italian TV and pinned laps on the super rowdy DH track. Ben did an amazing job of bringing everything together!
On our way back we stopped in at Scott world HQ. This is where every Scott idea, design and decision is made. Right out in the backyard they've got a huge set of jumps and a sweet pumptrack. We busted out a bunch of mini bikes and shredded everything!
Our main reason for the trip was the Chatel MountainStyle. This was the 3rd year of the big mountain slopestyle. Big rotors and big bikes were a definate for the super natural open terrain. We all had a ton of fun riding the course and the stand out move was Claw's huge 3 off the plum drop. Insane.
Top 5 was:
Kurt Sorge
Darren Berrecloth
Fabien Pedemanaud
Aari Barret
Steve Romanuik

The night before a jump jam went off and Aggy stole the show and killllllled it! Kranked Revolve was premiered in front of an epic sunset and then the celebrating began.

We had cameras rolling the whole time, so webvids are to come!


Unknown said...

Yeah Kyle! When are you guys coming back?

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