Saturday, January 3, 2009

Buritos, Beer.....

Last night Kyle J picked us up at the Sacramento airport, after about 20 minutes we got to his place and got the best welcoming ever! We were served some unreal Dos burritos and some beer then kicked back in Kyles sick ass house! This morning after getting our late luggage we headed over to Dos Coyotes for breakfast. Kyles family are the originators of this heavenly restaurant, and wow was it good.

Terry of College of Cyclery in Sacramento has a sick compound on his property including a under cover pump track, 4x track and more. After buffing we spent our day there shredding the pump track.

Our First Cali day was a wicked warm up, we got some banger light on the way home, and even saw some wild life in Kyle's drive way.

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